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Welcome to Dror Bamidbar

Years of living and travelling in the Negev Area's southern region of Israel have led us to proudly describe ourselves as "True Desert Lovers at Heart".

The desert, as we've experienced it, reveals its magical depths very slowly and gradually as if to test your patience. The more you discover, the more you realize how little you truly know, and the more your curiosity continues to grow and grow.   

Dror Bamidbar began its journey in the Negev, the friendliest desert in the world, back in 2011. Ever since then, we have been walking hand in hand with the magical desert, along with the endless unique experiences it has to offer.


In other words, the wonderful magic in the Negev Desert speaks for itself, all we do is provide the platform.

In 2011,we were the first to bring Sandboarding to Israel . The Sandboarding attraction remains to be our main activity still today, and we offer it on a daily basis at the foot of two beautiful sand dunes.

Aside from Sandboarding, we offer a wide range of different kinds of unique activities, all taking place in the middle of the desert :

Off-road Jeep Tours personally customized for you, to suit your specific desires and needs. This including the nature of the trip, the length of the ride, the music played in the background, the number of pit stops, or any request you have in mind – we will do everything in our powers to fulfill your wishes to provide the perfect Jeep Tour for you.

Another activity we offer is Pedal Karts, the ideal experience for families and couples. The Pedal Karts are pedal driven vehicles, in which you tour around the Negev Desert while riding in the vehicle. This tour is lead by a guide from Dror Bamidbar well-experienced crew members, as the guide will provide fascinating explanations and information regarding the whole desert area of the Negev (animals, vegetation, history, weather, etc).

Years of experiencing the magical Negev have not only taught us to treat the desert with a whole lot of love, but just as important, it has also taught us exactly what is necessary in order to make the desert experience whole and complete for our fellow visitors .

Foods & Drinks - DrorBamidbar offers a wide variety of foods and drinks, needless to mention – all served in the middle of the desert.

To begin with, we are a proud vegan business, and it's also important to mention that we are Kosher as we hold an Official Kosher Certificate.

From a Falafel Bar (made on the spot) including different salads, hummus, and other types of delicious foods, to self-made pitas on the spot on a fireplace, snacks, beverages, and a dessert to end the perfect desert style meal. The main idea that guides us regarding the foods and drinks we serve, is the same idea we keep in mind concerning the various attractions and activities we offer – regardless your age, your gender, your status in life or your background – each and every one of our guests will find his/hers comfortable place in our compound, his favorite food on the table and of course – the activity he/she enjoys the most.

We offer our activities and services all year round, every day of the week including weekends, 24/7 .

Do I need to reserve in advance? YES. as our work stems from our genuine love for the desert, and our true passion for our dear visitors. We provide our visitors an unforgettable unique desert experience, and we are filled with joy and satisfaction at the end of every day, as we see big smiles on their faces while they wave goodbye, and we know deep down – they are already thinking about the next time they will have the chance to return and enjoy, once again, the magical Negev Desert courtesy of Dror Bamidbar.


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